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100% Polyester Aerial fabric sets for circus acrobatics and fitness.

We have been getting lots of requests from our students so we are now offering them online.

Each set is rigged with 1 self-locking Stainless Steel carabiner (rated at 6750lbs), 1 figure 8 (rated at 3500 lbs) and 1 webbing sling (rated at 5000 lbs) so you can attach it to any beam, hook, or tree branch easily.

Please note that the aerial silk fabric itself is not rated. We have used this fabric for 10 years and trusted it with our lives, it has never ever ripped even after using the same set for 8 years, leaving it out in the rain for the whole winter, having several people hang from it regularly etc. We believe that the breaking strength surpasses 3000 lbs easily, but we cannot give a professional guarantee. Rated silks will likely cost you quite a bit more.

Available in full size (up to 30' height) and half size for lower heights (up to 17' high).


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