Help promote our company to earn credit and cash!

How it works: 

  • Sign up with the form at the bottom of this page!
  • Receive your personal link and/or QR code to spread the word about MahaDevi design among your friends, customers and online. 
  • Get rewarded!
How to Promote MahaDevi design:

  • Share pictures and posts on social media with your personal affiliate link.
  • Use any of the banners in the 'Banners' section of your affiliate account page to share and promote.
  • Go to our Facebook Page or Instagram and share our posts with your own personal comments and your affiliate link or code. 
  • Find a product on our website that you like and share it on social media.
  • Take pictures of yourself and friends in MahaDevi clothing and share them, sharing with your network why you love us.
  • If you are a yoga or movement teacher, promote MahaDevi to your students and clients!
  • Find a local store or yoga studio in your area that you could see MahaDevi in and tell them about us! If they place a wholesale order on our website with your link or code, you will receive a reward for each order they place with us! This could be very rewarding as many stores order several thousands of $ worth of clothes from us each season. 
  • You can also print out business cards with your personal affiliate code to hand out to friends and clients - the template can be downloaded in the Banners section on your account page, all you need to do is add your code and have them printed at a local print shop. We can also send you your business card file with your code already added on request. 

How you get compensated:

  • Our Affiliate App is tracking all orders placed by anyone using your affiliate link or code. You will receive a 10% commission for each order. Once you have reached a $50 credit, we will send you a gift card that you can use on our website to order more beautiful clothing! 
  • If you refer a lot of business, your commission will go up to 15% after you referred 20 new customers!
    This percentage applies for the first 3 orders a customer you referred places. After that you will receive a 5% commission on subsequent orders for returning customers - an incentive to find more new fans. 
  • High-level affiliates / sales reps can also receive payouts via PayPal and make money by promoting MahaDevi design.