Salt Spring Island is one of the largest of the BC Gulf Islands, nestled in the Georgia Straight alongside Vancouver Island. 

The climate is one of the mildest in Canada, and Salt Spring Island is home to an eclectic community of small scale farmers, artists, and down-to-earth, healthy and conscious people who love to dance, enjoy nature, and come together.

Freyja Skye 
Founder of MahaDevi design, tree lover and community builder

Phoenix Farm is a community property of 18 acres of fields, orchards, gardens and forest nestled on Salt Spring Island's North End. Our main focus is to steward the land in the best way we know to create food security and diversity for generations to come, by planting fruit and nut trees, establishing permaculture systems, and creating sustainable water systems. In these uncertain times, I feel that sustainability, community, and food security is more important than ever, and I am so grateful about the choices I have made to live in this way. It feels good to have MahaDevi's new home amongst the cherries and apple trees on this beautiful land!

Our move from the mountain town Squamish to Salt Spring Island was a big haul, but thanks to David's mad real-life-Tetris skills we managed to fit it all in the moving truck!

It was a bit of an intense mission with all the talk of lockdown, taking extreme precautions on the ferries, but we are now much better set up to work from home and continue to ship orders without interruptions. 

With school being suspended, my 10yo Daughter has been helping out with orders and packages

You may have received one of her cute hand written notes with your order!

View from the sewing desk with flowering Cherries, ducks and a broody mama goose!

In the background Purple Bus Iris, once MahaDevi's festival tour vehicle, now housing work traders on the farm

Mama Goose Petunia is sitting on 14 eggs right outside the studio window, fiercely guarded by her protective mate Thor

Duckling hatching on Phoenix Farm

This is the 5th duckling that hatched on the farm today. Sadly our beautiful Mama Muscovy Duck Minnie was killed by a racoon last week after having sat on her eggs for weeks already. We managed to organize an incubator in a scramble and save the eggs! As I write this, 5 ducklings have hatched and 3 more eggs have pipped (cracked the shell). 

My daughter Shaeanna is being the most caring duckie Mama!


Cherry trees are in full bloom now on the farm!

These beautiful cherry trees are shading our food forest nursery, where we propagate the various fruit, nut, and medicine trees for our food forest reforestation project.