Slow Fashion

Doesn’t it often feel like the fuller our closet is the harder it is to find something to wear?

Or on the other hand, despite the full closet, you just keep coming back to those few favorites that just feel like a second skin?

Fast fashion is a big industry that exploits millions of sweatshop workers worldwide. When I was 19, I traveled to Bangladesh, where countless workers were sewing in tin shacks next to piles of garbage and toxic rivers. And then I met the owners of some clothing sweatshops who lived in palaces behind high walls and barb wire fences. That experience stuck with me forever.

If we are buying cheap clothes in first world countries, there are people somewhere else that are paying the price.

On top of that, the fashion Industry has one of the largest carbon footprints – larger than international flights and shipping combined, according to Greenpeace.

Clothing Sweatshop in Bangladesh

Runway models displaying the latest 'trends'

Fast fashion encourages people to buy more and cheaper clothes with rapidly changing trends and multiple collections a year. Fashion magazines and runway shows always promote new styles, trends, colours …. Many fashion companies even burn their unsold clothes at the end of the season! 21 Billion tons of clothing end up in landfills each year worldwide – with the average American contributing 68 lbs each!

Honestly, in 25 years of creating clothing, 16 years professionally, I have rarely even glanced at a fashion magazine. Most of the stuff in there isn’t even wearable. Not in the real world, by real women, living a real life. I only design styles I will want to wear, and wear for a long time to come.

The term Slow fashion has been coined as a counter trend –higher quality, natural fiber, sustainably made clothing, styles that don’t go out of style and can be enjoyed for years.

Quality over Quantity

At MahaDevi design we strive to create clothing you can enjoy for years, layers you can mix and match, dress up and down and always feel comfortable. Basics for every day, and fun styles that are unique and don’t go out of style with the fashion trends. And always made from our signature Bamboo/Organic Cotton blends, natural, renewable, breathable, comfortable. 

And did you know? When those favourite tights finally wear out – you can actually put them in the compost!

Furthermore, we have long standing relationships with the people who produce our garments and have personally verified that they are being paid a good wage and have healthy working conditions. 

These styles won't go out of style! 

Anu Tights

Ultra cozy high waisted tights with stirrup

Juno Tee

Our bestselling off-the-shoulder Tee that sits on the hips


Terra Tunic

A timeless hooded tunic with thumbholes and a pocket