On Planting Trees and the Future

Freyja Skye
Founder and Co-owner of MahaDevi Design

I am super excited to announce our new partnership with the organization OneTreePlanted. One tree gets planted for each item you buy on our website! You can read more about it here.

For a long time I have been thinking about how we can make more of a difference with our business than we already do creating sustainable, organic, biodegradable, fair trade, ultra comfortable clothing that inspires you to move, be healthy, go outside. Ok, yes, we are doing pretty good compared to most fashion brands out there, but what more can we do?

I spent a good part of my childhood sitting in the apple tree in my parent's yard. There was this one perfect branch where I could look out over the garden, watch people go by on the street and watch my parents go in and out without being seen myself.

I definitely climbed more trees than I played with dolls. I spent a lot of time walking my dog in the forest. Maybe my love for trees started back then.

Now, I would love to share another side of my life, a side that has so far been quite separate from MahaDevi design and really has nothing to do with clothes. I co-own and live on a beautiful piece of land on Salt Spring Island, BC. 

This piece of land was deforested quite a few years ago, and to our luck the previous owner had planted a fair number of apple and cherry trees that are producing now. Yet water is an issue here on an island without big mountains and rivers, and the small commercial trees suffer from drought. It is my vision to re-forest this land with as many different kinds of fruit and nut trees and a few other types as well, so that it becomes a food forest that can sustain future generations and wildlife alike. 

I deeply believe that humans are meant to live in a food forest. There are too many of us alive on the planet today to be hunters and gatherers and survive on what nature provides alone, and too much of nature has been lost to destruction. A big part of this is industrial agriculture, which destroys natural environment and farmable soil at astronomical speeds today due to unsustainable practices. 

Yet there are enough humans alive on this planet today, that if we each plant trees, and tend to them, we can re-create paradise on earth. Not to sound religious, or utopian here, but imagine what would happen if each person could plant 100 trees that bear fruits, nuts, berries, medicines, provide shade, shelter, fuel and building material to sustain future generations? Multiply this by the billions of humans alive on the earth today. How would the world look in 10, 20, 50 years if we did that? 

 I know we don't all have access to land to do so, which is one of the biggest problems of our time. In the meantime we can help plant trees through supporting projects such as the ones funded by, with a tree being planted for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. One Dollar, One Tree. 

I am excited to be able to bring MahaDevi design more in alignment with my very personal vision, and looking forward to updating all of you on the projects we support each month! 

A 6yo baby Walnut Tree we grew from seed here at the farm. No nuts yet but they are finally putting on some good growth and sinking their roots in deep. 

The first nuts we harvested from 8-9 yo trees we bought and planted 6 years ago. So delicious! And a loooong term project for sure!

Freyja's Food Forest Nursery on Phoenix Farm, SSI

Our garments are made from fast-growing Bamboo and Organic Cotton.