New Year's Resolutions and Loving Ourselves

Freyja Skye

Posted on January 09 2020

What are you calling in for the New Year?

Freyja Skye 
Founder of MahaDevi design, designer and tree nerd

As the Earth has completed another cycle around the sun, and the days are finally getting longer again, what are the things you want to call in for this year with the magical number of 2020?

I know how easy it is to make New Year's resolutions such as 

'I will do an hour of yoga and meditate every day' and 

'I will drink green smoothie every morning and quit drinking coffee' 

and 2 weeks later it's all back to the usual... 

How do we harness the power of the New Year to make lasting changes that are sustainable for our busy lives?

I believe the key is to first love and accept ourselves completely as we are. If we believe we are lacking or inadequate, and will be more loveable once we make those changes, fulfill those resolutions, it will never happen. 

So Love yourself! Out of self love it will be easeful to treat ourselves, our body, mind, and spirit the way you deserve to be treated. If we love ourselves, we smile at our mistakes, and continue to treat ourselves as the goddess we are. If we love ourselves, we will give the temple of our body what it needs and deserves - good, healthy food, exercise, rest, nurturing touch. Beautiful, natural and breathable clothing that flatters our body and encourages movement, grace, fitness... 

If we love ourselves, we will have healthy boundaries, we will not be taken for granted, or taken advantage of. We show others how to treat us like goddesses by treating ourselves that way. 

My personal intention for the New Year is above all to practice self-love, and from that place, finding ease in navigating all the things in life.  

Nurturing my business without getting overwhelmed, reconnecting with my creativity in clothing design and just having more fun playing in my sewing studio. 

Growing more trees on the farm and spending lots of time outdoors and with loved ones! 

Let's do Yoga!

Doing Yoga, Stretching Exercising, spending time in nature and with friends and loved ones are some of the best ways to love ourselves! 

Treat and adorn yourself like the goddess you are! 

The temple of your body deserves to be adorned with ultra comfortable, natural, breathable clothing that encourages you to move, flow, stretch and live life to the fullest! 

All our clothing is made from softest, renewable Bamboo and Organic Cotton. 

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