New Moon in Leo 2020

Posted on August 19 2020

Shared from the incredible Lyndsay Lila:

Tonight at 7:41pm PDT we start a new cycle with the New Moon in Leo.

We are in the last few degrees of the Leo Season before we move into the season of Virgo on August 23rd.

New Moons bring us to the start of new cycle, a rebirth or reset.

A time of creating intentions and seeding of what wants to bloom and grow for the next moon cycle.

With both the Sun and Moon in the sign of the Lion we deepen in with the heart with Leo being the ruler of the heart.

Honoring the heart as our inner compass and guide to show us how we can express and share more love.

Finding the courage within to stand up for what is in alignment and what is not.

Listening to the call of the heart and how we can truly stand in our power. Moving beyond the old stories of not being good enough, feeling unworthy or whatever story we have been told or have told ourselves that has kept us hidden or feeling small.

Its time to fully embrace our radiance, to shine like the sun.

To step into our magic, our vibrancy and full expression of our authentic self.

To show up embodied and in our wholeness.

To share our gifts and lead with a heart of service.

Remembering that we all have unique medicine to share and that it is all needed in this world.

Knowing that as we step into our full majesty of our authenticity and beauty we inspire others to do the same.

Creating and weaving a new way of being through collaboration and co-creation.

As we have been moving through the Lions Gate Portal and alignment with Sirius throughout this supercharged Leo Season it may have been an experience of heightened states and altered reality.

Allowing the light and fullness of the Sun to light us up and the magic of the moon to clear any old limiting beliefs that no longer resonant with this new vibration that we are emanating.

Navigating this dance of our human journey as we invite self compassion and acceptance of where we have come from and where we are now.

What is wanting to be seeded in you right now?

What does your heart have to share with you?

How can you step more fully into your creative expression?

Inviting you to spend some time to sit with your heart, breathing and deeply listening to what wants to be felt and heard.

Receiving the light of the sun into your crown and through your whole body, remembering yourself as an expression of the divine.

You are enough, You are whole, You are worthy just as you are ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒ‘๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿงก

Sending love to you beloveds,


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