How it all began - Freyja's Story

We have been creating clothing for many years now - how did it all start and how did we get where we are today?

Freyja Skye 
Founder of MahaDevi design, designer and tree nerd

Growing up in Germany, my Mum taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was 11 years old. When I was 13, I started regularly making clothes for myself - I was tall and skinny, the Levi's 501 that everybody had to have back then really didn't fit my body type, and I couldn't find pants in stores that were long enough for me! So I started making clothes out of whatever fabrics I could find, including tie-dyed bedsheets!  

After travelling through Asia after High School and collecting a lot of inspiration for designs and textiles there, I applied for Fashion School in Berlin in 2003, but didn't get accepted. Though it felt like a setback at the time, that was probably a good thing! 

Becoming very active in the Contact Improvisation Dance scene, I would travel to jams and workshops with a suitcase of handmade Hemp/Organic Cotton Dance pants I sewed myself and hand dyed in my bathtub. I also started selling cute little faerie skirts made from recycled Saris at the drum circles on the Mountain, where I met a friend who invited me to share a vending booth at Shambhala Music Festival. 

Getting introduced to the Festival World changed everything! Inspired by the elven/faerie styles that were just up and coming in the festival world, MahaDevi started taking off! 

Studying dance in the winter, sewing on the side, and travelling across Canada to music festivals in the summer, I eventually moved to BC and ran away with the circus. 

I spent many summer traveling in my veggie-oil powered converted School bus 'Iris' with my small family, performing and vending at festivals across BC and beyond. I would have my sewing machine and serger on board, running off in inverter from the battery if no power was available, sewing creations and offering alterations on the spot. 

Me with Baby Shaeanna and the MahaDevi Festival Booth

Shaeanna and the purple bus - on tour again years later! 

              Fire performance at Burning Man

Aerial Hoop performance at a festival

MahaDevi Vending booth at a local BC festival - my daughter is selling her creations with her friends

The Butterfly Onesie was born... 

Mama and Daughter in matching festival onesies 

After years of the Gypsy life and looking for a place to call home, I settled on a beautiful farm on Salt Spring Island where I still live with a small community of people, replanting the land with a food forest for the future. 

My love for getting 'high' has shifted from circus to Paragliding in recent years, and I love to go camping, hiking and flying in the gorgeous mountains of BC and beyond with my partner David 

Treat and adorn yourself like the goddess you are! 

The temple of your body deserves to be adorned with ultra comfortable, natural, breathable clothing that encourages you to move, flow, stretch and live life to the fullest! 

All our clothing is made from softest, renewable Bamboo and Organic Cotton.