Green Friday and Conscious Consumerism

Freyja Skye
Founder and Co-owner of MahaDevi Design


Black Friday Week is upon us: 

The biggest week for consumerism - businesses are having huge sales, promotions, discounts, and advertisements everywhere.  Buy, buy buy.... 

The whole continent is shopping like crazy.

What does that mean for our planet?

More fossil fuel emissions for faster shipping, more packaging, and lots of useless plastic things that will turn into garbage and end up in landfills… 


Shopping Madness at a department Store

At MahaDevi design we like to celebrate Green Friday and make conscious choices!

Here is what we can do:

• Choose slower shipping for online orders to save carbon emissions – there’s still plenty of time for items to arrive before the holidays

• Buy things that are biodegradable and will turn back into the earth once worn our or no longer needed (wood, Natural Fibers, clay/ceramic, dried plants, food items…) or fully recyclable (glass, metal)

• Think about how much use an item will get – buy things that can be used a lot and be worth their cost – not just financially but the cost to the environment

• Gift experiences – such as a special trip, visit, hike, voucher for a massage, dinner etc.

• Re-use and re-gift things

• Go thrift store shopping!

• Choose products that are produced in an environmentally friendly way!

• Support local and small businesses to give back to your community

Gifting MahaDevi clothing to yourself or loved ones fits into a number of those criteria. Our clothes can be worn and enjoyed every day, they are environmentally friendly – organic Cotton and fast-growing Bamboo – and when they eventually wear out, they are biodegradable! MahaDevi design is a small business in BC, Canada owned and run entirely by women. 

Our clothing is made from fast-growing Bamboo and Organic Cotton. 

Natural, Biodegradable, Sustainable.