Giving Thanks

Freyja Skye

Posted on October 07 2019

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what is your mind focussing on?

Where to buy the turkey? (Will it be a factory farmed one from the super market? Or a locally raised free range organic one? A vegetarian Tofurky?)

Excited to have a long weekend off of work? Excited to spend the day with family, or struggling to meet family expectations and dreading navigation family dynamics and drama?

I like to take this holiday back to its origin – Giving Thanks. Traditionally, thanksgiving was about the harvest, reaping the fruit of our seeds, the bounty of the garden, orchards and fields after a year of hard work on the farm. Now most of us don’t work on farms anymore and most of us also don’t depend on a successful harvest for their survival, to get through the winter, to be able to feed the children until spring. But there is something so deeply satisfying in seeing the fruits, literally, of our labour, food grown with our own hands, as our ancestors did for millennia. To thank our ancestors, the ones who have come before us, for all the hard work they did, and the celebrations they had, so we can be here today.

Family is another focus of this holiday. And again, we don’t all live in extended families anymore, and many of us have family scattered far across the country, continent, or planet. Chosen family is at times more important than blood relations – either way, I like to be grateful for all the loved ones in my life, family, friends, animals, that create a sense of family around me.

I am grateful for my MahaDevi Design, this company I started when I was 21, a business that has supported me for many years allowing me to do what I love, be creative, and inspire women all over to be comfortable in their skin and live a healthy lifestyle. I am incredibly grateful for my business partner Jules who has built and created this with me for so many years, truly a force of nature, someone I could always count on through ups and downs.

I will be celebrating this Thanksgiving on my farm on Salt Spring Island in the middle of apple harvest, with my daughter who is coming for a visit from Vancouver where she is living with her dad this school year – and with my chosen family on the farm, my lover, friends, work traders here for a short time, the cats and Gregory the duck.

Grateful to have community, grateful to have a home, trees and gardens, grateful for the rains that have quenched the earth after the summer, grateful for the food we have in abundance and warm cozy clothes to wear!

Inviting a sense of gratitude into my everyday life, which is so easy to forget… and yet so simple to return to, whenever I am stressed, overwhelmed, feeling like I don’t have enough (time, money, love, …) Living from a place of gratitude can be a lifelong practice. So let’s remember it every day, not just for Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for today?

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  • Rhonda: October 23, 2019

    Beautifully written.
    Thank you

  • Lea: October 23, 2019

    thank you for your blog! I am inspired by beautiful people who add kindness, trust and love to this world. I am thankful each day to be open to sharing in the wisdom of this incredible universe. Most of us may not have farms and yet we harvest relationships with family, friends and Mother Earth. Thank you Maha Devi for providing amazing clothing designs that woman like myself can feel comfortable in and proud to wear 😍

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