Synthetic fibers in our Oceans

Freyja Skye
Founder and Co-owner of MahaDevi Design


This weekend, I took my 10yo daughter to the Vancouver Aquarium. Next to all the colourful fish and fascinating ocean creatures, they had a whole section on plastics in the ocean. Right in line with last week's blog post about Plastics! Interestingly enough, they elaborated quite a bit more on the issue of microplastics, and in particular plastic fibers that are released from synthetic clothing with each wash. 

The consequences of fibers in the ocean and in our food chain are still unknown, but the source is not:

My Daughter Shaeanna at the Vancouver Aquarium, showing an informational sign about microfibers from clothing. 

Nylon, Polyester and Acrylic are among the culprits for the accumulation of plastic microfibers in the ocean. 

One obvious solution not mentioned here is: Wear Natural Fibers such as our MahaDevi Eco-Textiles! 

They biodegrade once worn out and turn back into the earth. 

 Water Sample from the Burrard Inlet by Vancouver - full of plastic debris and fibers

A water sample from washing a Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket microfibers released in only one wash under the microscope!

Natural fibers such as Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Rayon, Wool etc. will biodegrade and break down quickly, turning back into organic matter to feed plant life for the future.

Plus they feel way better on your skin - breathable and natural!  



Our garments are made from fast-growing Bamboo and Organic Cotton.